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Wisteria Way Designs is more than just a name. It is an experience. It is our passion to bring your vision to life. Custom designs as unique as your journey.



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When life hands you nothing

Lacie Phillips

Everyone either has been there, is there, or is going to be there at some point in their lives and its real. Real, messy, real messy, real hard, real scary, real sad, just plain real. Your emotions are fileted, your nerves are shot, your soul is so tired you don't know how much longer you can be strong. Let me tell you a little story....

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Whisper in the hurricane

Lacie Phillips

A whisper that reaches out and pulls you in, in the commercial den of today's society. You will never find me on TV shouting about how wonderful my designs are and how you should buy them today! You will never see me in a pop up add on your computer screen. But you will still find me.

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