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Timeless elegance for your happily ever after- custom wedding gowns.

In Bloom

Comfort and style for both special events and THE event- custom maternity gowns.



This is a one woman operation with a lot of support! Everything is hand made and custom designed to the specific project. I use a large amount of reclaimed elements that are not found in stores. This makes every custom piece unique and unable to be reproduced. I pull elements from many different places and waste as little as possible. My workspace is scattered with pieces of lace, trim, and fabric that I have pulled together for one piece or another. My sewing machine has a pillowcase beside it that I put all of my fabric scraps in to recycle into dog beds for the local animal shelter. I have three dress forms: Ms. Ilean-who only has three legs and falls over a lot, Lady in red- who is my newest form and is obviously red, and The Naked Lady- she is a permanent dress form that I use for draping.



Photography courtesy of Ashley Newman Photography


I guess you could say I stumbled into the business, but was born with the passion. I am a gardener, beekeeper, homesteader, and lover of all things essential to an older way of life. My business is inspired by the willow. When you want to grow a new plant from an existing plant, you take a cutting and place it in a cup of willow water.

The willow naturally produces a rooting hormone that encourages the cutting form roots. Without the willow, this cutting would simply be a dead stick, but the hormone allows the cutting to become a new and beautiful plant. 


Like the willow, I take things that would otherwise be lost, strip them down, and turn them into something beautiful. I hate to see a beautiful old dress, tablecloth, window treatment thrown away just because it is out of style or considered damaged or useless. I can look through what is and see what can be. It is truly my passion to recover, grow, and gain inspiration from the world around me. I look forward to the beauty I have yet to see. 


Ann Patridge

Tuscaloosa, AL

Big shout out for (Wisteria Way Designs)! My oldest daughter was in need of an authentic antebellum dress for Tuscaloosa Belles. Lacie is the epitome of a professional seamstress. She communicates effectively & seeks her client's opinions. Her attention to detail & craftsmanship is impressive and her stitches are just beautiful. We highly recommended this company.
Ann Patridge

Ashley Newman

Ashley Newman Photography

Tuscaloosa, AL

Lacie is amazing! From conception, to design to execution- her ideas are brilliant, different and beautiful. She always has unique work and she's out of this world talented. She's making a custom gown for me, and I just picked up a maternity gown for one of my clients! Absolutely stunning! Looking forward to working with her more and collaborating on new designs!

Allison Turcotte

Allison Turcotte Photography

Roy, WA

I had a vision for a maternity dress that I wanted a client to wear for her session and Lacie whipped it up beautifully!!