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Wisteria Way Designs is more than just a name. It is an experience. It is our passion to bring your vision to life. Custom designs as unique as your journey.

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed

Something old...Something new...Something borrowed...Something blue...

It's the saying associated with what a bride should have on her wedding day. Sometimes, you just have to have more. Whether you want to honor a special woman in your life by wearing her gown or you want to honor the woman you were when you got married all those years ago, it is a beautiful sentiment. But sometimes a gown is outdated, damaged, or not the right size. That is where I come in! 



The existing gown is damaged, fragile, or sized out of range. Elements from the existing gown will be taken to embellish a new gown. The sentiment is there without compromising style, comfort, or function. 



The existing gown is outdated or has a small amount of damage but the overall gown is in wearable condition. We work to redesign and update the gown while keeping the sentiment. 



This gown has been in the box since "you may kiss the bride!" Either you are renewing your vows or you are honoring someone special by wearing their gown. It is perfect, but needs a face lift. We will work together to stay true to the design while bringing the look up-to-date.

if you know which service you want, please fill out the form below and email me pictures of the gown you would like to use. ( If you aren't sure which option you need, or you would like my recommendations, select "unsure" in the options and I will be in touch shortly. If you would like to speak to me, just hit the contact me button toward the bottom of the page! I can't wait to get started! 

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